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It is considered one of the largest decoration companies in Egypt, a specialized company, as it is your best choice for finishing your home from start to finish, where you can rely on a reliable company to implement your ideas at home, but also to help you choose the best solutions in the field of decoration and choose the most appropriate modern designs.
Hydra is characterized by the presence of a team of different cultures, which gives a more comprehensive, deeper and more creative view of any design that the company implements, and their motto is always hard and creative work and providing unique and elegant designs in its style that made it one of the first companies to gain the trust of its customers with its amazing services. Like 3D pictures. Detailed drawings..the use of colors, drawings, matters related to space, lighting, furnishings, fabric colors, how to distribute them in the required place, gypsum decorations, the art of indoor plant arrangement, the art of stone painting, and various artistic decorations that preserve the character and flavor of the place. Studying the distribution of antiques, accessories of all kinds, and organizing gardens and entrances, all with a distinctive signature. And a creative imprint of a private company, Hydra.

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